Thermohair Inc. was the 1st company in North America to make a sock out of Kid Mohair – a natural, renewable and very scarce fibre that comes from baby Angora Goats.  This truly unique product made from 75% Kid Mohair.  Kid Mohair is the 1st coat of hair that these hardy goats grow and is exceptional in its strength, durability, insulating quality and softness.

The goats produce only 1 coat of kid mohair before they grow their adult fibre which is much more abrasive.  All of Thermohair products are made from Kid Mohair goats on the Thermohair farm in Southern Ontario from partner farms in South Africa.

Producing these popular socks is a complicated series of steps including shearing, cleaning, combing, spinning, weaving, dying and finally packing of the product. Thermohair socks are hand dyed and some hand painted which brings a truly unique look and feel to the product.  Is a labour of love combined with a truly unique process that produces this wonderful one of a kind, craft product that shoppers clamour for.