Zaworski Art & Homestead

Always Inspired by my homestead and where I live, I have created “the pecking order” chicken and rooster line, goats, cows and the humble bumble bee for sale this year in originals and prints. Favourites such as my owls and hares, and I also Created art of jumping humpbacks and orcas not done in your normal “in the ocean” way!

Using Gabriola wood, we hand crafted, food safe, rustic live edge charcuterie boards with cast iron handles and original art.
We will be selling “untidy things” which consist of hand sculpted tiny pottery chicken earrings and roughly crafted ornaments along with our refurbished china tea cup candles which were hand poured from Canadian wax and treated with custom essential oil culinary smells topped with dried herbs.

This year I will be selling Beautiful high end artisan cards that come on a textured heavy weight paper to resemble the original piece of art’s layers and depth. These will be sold with a recycled “garbage bag” colour envelope in singles or card packs! CHRISTMAS CARDS this year, sold in the farm line or the sea line in packs of 4.

I am a bit of a “Jack of all Trades” in the art aspect of life creating pieces that can be used in many different mediums. All my animals are worth coming and looking at in person even if its just to make your eyes happy!