Vancouver Island’s Own

Based out of beautiful Victoria, BC, Vancouver Island’s Own is a small-batch, family-owned and operated gourmet snack food company. We approach the making of our products as consciously as we provide a nourishing meal for our families: with 100% organic, locally sourced ingredients and a whole lot of love. We maintain a focus on sustainability and a low carbon footprint throughout our company, from the ingredients and creation of our delectable products, to our packaging and delivery process. We take care to reduce our environmental impact as much as humanly possible and to ensure that our products benefit your body, mind, and taste buds. Our specialties include a variety of trail mixes made with fresh-from-the-harvest nuts and seeds, and unique granolas featuring locally freeze-dried fruits. We love nurturing our community and providing healthy, ready-made snack foods to satiate your hunger at any time of the day!