The SWAHT Shop

As a child growing up in Scotland, on damp chilly nights I always had a hot water bottle waiting for me in my bed to snuggle-in with. The memory of the warmth and comfort my hottie provided – and of the caring shown by the person who put it there each night (my mum!) – remains with me as an adult. Even though I fill my own hottie now (mum lives too far away), I still feel the same comfort from it that I did all those years ago.

The idea for SWAHT (sleep with a hottie tonight) started approximately two years ago when I wanted to give each member of my family a Christmas gift that was both practical AND had some personal meaning to me. After some thought, I decided it was hotties all around!

Having a background in designing and making clothing, specifically evening wear, I decided to make a different cover for each hottie using the plushest, coziest fabrics I could find. Each gift was so well received that, the following year, I upped my production in my spare time and sold my “swahties” (as they came to be called) to family, friends and co-workers. It gave me great pleasure to hear the memories from others that the hotties evoked and to see how many people felt these were the perfect gift … for any age.