Slate Jewelry

Slate Jewelry takes it name from the blank slate of opportunity that each piece of freshly milled metal presents for a new creation. While Christine’s designs can be considered “statement” pieces, she looks for a balance between refined and bold. Introvert and extrovert. Beauty and imperfection. Jewelry is a way to connect to each other, to start conversations and to share yourself with the community.

Raised on the West Coast of British Columbia, Christine Rio is a rain-loving metalsmith who launched her contemporary jewelry brand, Slate Jewelry, in 2016 at Vancouver Fashion Week. Drawing on her degree in Classical Studies, this gives voice to her organic “modern relic” design style. Influenced by movement and texture, history and surrealism, her work blends modern lines with a sense of found objects. She has participated in several international art jewelry exhibitions including Artistar Jewels, Milan Jewelry Week, Automaton 20.21 (joint venture with Spain & Canada), and Romanian Jewelry Week.