Salt Spring Wild Cider

Craft Cider, thoughtfully made from the wild old orchards on Salt Spring Island. A simple, thoughtful gift hand made from hyper-local sources.

In the late 1800’s, Salt Spring was the largest grower producer of apples in BC. Rural electricity pave the way for the Okanagan to take the torch and SSI trees we’re ignored until the 2000’s when locals started to understand and want to keep the history of these unique apple varieties alive (SSI grows over 450 varieties of apples). Nine years ago Mike and Gerda, philosopher and sculptor noticed that many apples on the island we’re unused and left to rot on the ground. We started picking and pressing and before long we had cider fever and couldn’t stop. We now press some 250,000 pounds of fruit on our farm by hand on our rack and cloth press. We then wild-ferment the apples and pears and produce both traditional and modern low intervention ciders.