Salt Spring Shine

As Cordon Bleu Chefs and former restaurant owners, we approach our artisan spirits with the same drive and passion we’ve always applied to fine food. The culinary business taught us what people like; life on Salt Spring Island taught us to embrace a lifestyle of self-sufficiency based on local ingredients and resources.

From our home and distillery to our beautifully packaged spirits, we’ve built Salt Spring Shine entirely by hand. Based on the delicate flavours achieved by fermenting with honey, our products feature fruit from British Columbia soil and organic botanicals from around the world. We hope you enjoy our line of fine spirits.

We are a small, family owned artisanal distillery. Made from the fermentation of local honey, all our spirits are crafted and bottled by hand here on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. With intricate, smooth flavours derived from the finest ingredients, our spirits are infused with originality and meticulous care.