Parker Street Soap Co

Based in East Vancouver and rooted in nature, Parker Street Soap Co. creates simple and natural self-care products using plant-based ingredients and
pure essential oils.

All of Parker Street Soap Co.’s products are handmade in small batches, allowing for attention and care in every detail. These all-natural products are free of
synthetic fragrances, chemical preservatives and harmful sulfates, and are sustainably packaged with the planet in mind.

This small company is a woman-owned and operated business that intentionally promotes a spirit of wellness and self-care. From bar soap to bubble bath to lotion, lip balms, and bath salts, Parker Street offers a range of products. Spa-themed gift boxes, soap sets, mini bar sampler boxes and aromatherapy spray rounds out the gift giving possibilities. Parker Street Soap Co. creates thoughtfully crafted products for all your bath and body needs.