Pacific Northwest Prints

I have been making these prints for approximately three years. I am self taught and have no formal art training. I was inspired by the artist Bryan Nash Gill and wanted one of his prints as I work in silvicuture and love trees. His work was prohibitively expensive so I decided to make my own. It took a year to figure out a process where I would get the right kind of detailed image relief I was looking for. Once i had a print I was happy with, I put it on my wall. A friend, upon seeing it, asked for one and another and another. I made another small batch of prints and things snowballed from there.

I make every print by hand. The process starts with my other job, running a tree planting company. I spend months driving in the forest and walking logging blocks. This exposes me to countless harvested trees and left over tree stumps. Over April, May, June and July, I slowly collect “suitable” pieces of wood that I want to collect a print from. On days off I select a few stumps and prep them for the printing process in my parents garage in kelowna BC. This includes flattening the stump and the base. When the wood is ready for printing, I use a version of basic wood block printing technique.

I ink the stump, drop the paper onto the stump and burnish it using a wooden spoon. Although i never edition the prints, no more than 6 prints are every produced. My parents heat their house with the left over stumps.