Out Designs

I was born in Mozambique, Africa, and spent my childhood there. Later, I moved to Europe and studied in Portugal, Germany, England, and Denmark. Where I did a couple of Bachelor degrees, Fine arts and Design.

A few years ago I moved to Canada with my family. For several months I would get up really early, get on my bicycle and find subjects for my photos: parks, animals, people, streets and buildings, anything that had some unusual light or feature. I was enjoying it a lot! It was on one of those outings that I came across the Lapidary Club. I was very curious and the members of the club were so welcoming, that after a few hours on the cutting wheels I was in love! I had always loved to work with stone and metals, but working with gemstones was even more interesting. I studied under goldsmith/artist Tom Schlegel, whom was so generous he allowed me to use his fully equipped studio until I had enough resources to have my own. For two years I studied with him. It was a pleasure and a challenge. Lisa Elser, Tom’s wife is a famous artist, she is one of the crème de la crème faceters. She taught me how to facet and again, she too let me use her equipment. Life is opportunity and fortune, and I have been most fortunate in finding the right people, willing to help and to give.

I have been working independently for 11 years now, and selling at arts & crafts shows as well as rock and gem shows. I make one of a kind pieces. Each piece is unique and has a story to tell.