Nature’s Edge Wood Design

Unique live edge Crib boards, Bowls, and Charcuterie boards handcrafted from reclaimed Vancouver Island woods.

Working with reclaimed and salvaged wood is something I have been passionate about most of my adult life, I always liked liked re purposing old boards and beams that I found and then incorporating them into functional pieces around our home.
After many years of walking our dog on the beaches of Discovery Passage near our home in Campbell River, in 2010 I finally decided that I should start working with some of the drift wood we were walking past each day. So my first alder serving tray was soon made and then cutting boards, bowls and furniture were soon to follow.

I get the inspiration for my work from the natural beauty of where we live, I love to reclaim and salvage the wood and then bring out the natural beauty of the wood, I like to keep it natural and simple letting the wood speak for itself. To me each piece represents where it came from the West Coast.

Steve Shelley, Nature’s Edge Wood Design