Michelle Barkway Art

Mine is the age-old story of a Prairie girl in love with the sea. In 2014, after 30-some landlocked years, I moved to Victoria. You’ll find elements of nature and my love for the tall trees and cold seas of the Pacific Northwest in everything I create. I took my first art class in the Spring of 2015, which reignited a love affair with illustration that I’d abandoned in grade school.

After a few years of experimenting and exploring with a variety of styles and mediums, I began selling my paintings online and at local markets. My hope is that my paintings will bring you the same level of calm and wholeness that I experience living on the West Coast.

I gather inspiration for my paintings while exploring the beaches, trails and parks of Vancouver Island. Photography has helped to hone my eye and compose ideas. The scenes that I create with my illustrations are not representative of any particular place or based on reference photos. I prefer to create my own versions of the places I’ve seen, incorporating elements that catch my eye and work well together.

Each painting begins with a pencil sketch, followed by layers of colour in the chosen medium (watercolour, gouache or acrylic). Pen layers are the last step to finish a piece. All pieces are created with professional quality materials on gallery