Le Meadow’s Pantry

Our artisan jams are always first and foremost about the fruit.We don’t over-sweeten or over-flavour, and each jar contains at least half a pound of fruit!

Our artisan marmalades are made with high quality citrus and we use a traditional three-day technique. The fruit is hand-cut, and we use fresh lemon juice, non-GMO pure cane sugar, and no pectin or preservatives are added. This labour-intensive process is what gives our marmalades their rich and balanced flavour.

Our artisan jams are made with local fruit, fresh lemon juice, and non-GMO pure cane sugar. They are cooked in small batches as quickly as possible — each batch from five to 20 minutes — to seize the pure flavour of the fruit and keep its intensely fresh taste. They are low in sugar.