K-Bo Jewelry


Kathleen Bourne is a silversmith born and raised in Victoria, BC who handcrafts a variety of sterling silver and gold-fill jewelry — rings and hoops being my current favourites. She creates pieces using basic jewelry hand tools, typically incorporating beautiful and unique gemstones which she either cuts herself or purchase from local/small businesses or collect while traveling.

The talented silversmith, Judith Hirczy, was Kathleen’s teacher for three years in Victoria. Judith has given Kathleen the skills to help her passion flourish into K-Bo Jewelry. Kathleen has always been involved in the arts throughout my life as it brings her joy and gives her a space to be expressive and creative. Her inspiration resides in the sea, the sky and far-away lands. Kathleen is particularly drawn to the blue and iridescent stones as they remind her of the ocean that we are so fortunate to have as our backyard on the West Coast.