Jola V Designs

Jola V. Designs is my niche accessories label, creating handmade bags, belts and other adornments from re-claimed materials.

I grew up in Lithuania, where I obtained a Business degree; travelled for several years after college, till eventually found a home in Vancouver.

My aesthetics and tastes developed with the North European landscape in the background, and I oftentimes look to my heritage for inspiration and solutions in my today’s creative process.

I made my first suede purse in Vancouver, spring of 2009, on a domestic sewing machine, knowing pretty much nothing about the construction of handbags. Immediately, as I wore it, strangers on the street, or coffee shops or grocery stores would ask me, where I got my bag. Each time, I coyly explained that I had made it. This interest shown towards my bag, encouraged me to seriously consider making more. And, I did.

Jola V. Designs was launched later that same year. Ever since then we have been committed to the slow fashion, creating original, unique and long serving products from “Orphaned” leather, rejected by upholstery or garment industries due to size, irregular patterns or cuts. The leather is sourced by salvaging the good bits of each orphaned hide, and turning them into handbags, clutches, belts and other unique pieces. Because of the sourcing method, all the Jola V. Designs accessories come in very limited quantities in terms of their finish, colour, detailing or design.