Jill Warne Arts

Born and raised in Sooke, BC, Jill Warne’s creativity has always been inspired by the nature and spirit of southern Vancouver Island. She studied visual arts at Camosun College and then completed a degree in History and English Literature.
Working predominantly in acrylics, Jill studied painting and focused mainly on west coast landscapes as inspiration.
In 2017, while looking to challenge herself by working in new media, Jill found polymer clay as an interesting alternative, and began to apply some of the style and techniques she had developed, in landscape painting, to layering and creating depth in miniature clay creations based on familiar locations, such as Whiffin Spit and Sombrio Beach.

Learning metal work came next and West Coast Cameos was formed. Drawing from her childhood home and love of the west coast environment, Jill then created collections also inspired by local floral and fauna. Jill has worked to represent the beauty and soul of her island home.