Jeni Mack

It all started with a home-made hoodie as a christmas present for her brother. Jeni is a self taught designer that creates her original designs without the use of a computer. Jeni makes paper patterns by hand and sews a sample before sending it off for manufacturing. We believe the hand made patterns are key for a fit that works on many different body types.

Ethical clothing, slow fashion, fashion revolution, these are all buzz words that capture a design and manufacturing movement that is striving to have the smallest amount of impact on the world as possible. Jeni Mack is fully committed to this movement, with the way we source our fabrics to having our manufacturing centred in Vancouver.

Jeni Christie, the woman behind the brand, is a woman of many many talents. From a career in Forestry to an accomplished Search and Rescue volunteer, balancing that all with raising a family and still getting out there to explore the wilderness, there is nothing out of her reach.