Gemini Timepieces

Original and unique Gemini Timepieces include watches and clocks. High end luxury and quality watch custom builds, restored, repaired or refurbished. Fashion and name brand watches that were destined for the scrapyard are “rescued” and are cleaned/repaired/polished, given new life .

Accessories like watch winders are repaired and offered with this same pricing philosophy. New replacement parts like batteries, crystals and straps are also available at a fraction of retail prices. Custom orders using different combinations of the materials Gemini already offers to create personal and unique timepieces tailored to the client’s request.

Doug has always been a watch enthusiast and since retiring began immersing myself in this passion. His focus was on producing unique and unusual timepieces not available anywhere in the world. Watchmaking requires a special talent and ability to work with exceptionally tiny mechanical parts. Independent horologists are few and becoming more rare given today’s society and the younger generation’s appetite for electronics and digital products. Making an accurate and dependable timepiece from 50+ individual parts has become an art form of which Doug now enjoys full time.