frostbite syrup co

All natural fruit and botanical cordials + syrups for creating cocktails + sodas. Elevate your beverage making!

After a vacation to Kauai, and an impulse purchase of the ultimate souvenir (a shave ice machine!), husband and wife team, Peggy + Martyn, created frostbites with the intention of having a fun summer together selling shave ice at the farmers markets.

With only 2 main goals in mind:

1. To connect with the large farming community surrounding them.

2. To connect with their diverse community along the Sea to Sky corridor.

Using only real ingredients, and a promise of adding no junk (artificial ingredients, flavourings or colourings), their syrups showcase seasonal fruits in all their glory.

It wasn’t before long people were wanting their syrups to take home to use with their home carbonating device to make sodas, and to create cocktails with. !2 years later and they are still creating delightful, unique, flavours.