Flow Design Studios

Diane Brinton has dabbled in the arts for over 40 years – weaving, painting, pottery, jewelry and new techniques working with silver and bronze (precious metal clay). She’s always collected glass objects like a ‘magpie’ and at long last learned glass art for herself. Her pieces evoke the mystery and magic of nature, that is where her heart lives.

Taking instruction from local and international artists. Diane has built a wide-ranging expertise with glass and PMC (precious metal clay). In her home studio she creates glass art pieces using mosaics, PMC, fused glass, flame sculpted glass and blown glass.

Diane belongs to the Vancouver Island Fireflies plus sells at galleries, shops, markets and fairs. Pieces are available online through www.flowstudiodesigns.com.

Authenticity Statement

Diane’s glass pieces are made from “soft” glass, the same type used in Murano, Italy. She works in her home studio on a torch that mixes oxygen with gas to produce an intense heat to melt glass onto solid steel pipes “mandrels” for flame sculpting and onto an Italian made hollow steel pipe “canello” for blowing.