Elk & The Tide

Elk & The Tide started years ago with Chef Zachary, a dream and a logo. Working as a full time Chef in fine dining kitchens, Zak was focused on working for the man, scared to take the plunge into Elk & The Tide without a safety net, it wasn’t until 2021 that our story truly began. Two people crazy about food (and each other) decided to dream up an entity for Elk & The Tide Catering Co. It all began with an idea.

To create a food experience so unique that it cannot be replicated. To embody a fine dinning experience, but make it approachable and welcome to everyone. We provide tables abundant in food that starts conversations, and fills the dining room with laughter among friends and creates lasting memories. We focus on traditional techniques without cutting corners, cultivating quality food that is locally sourced on Vancouver Island. Elk & The Tide is proud to be Black founded, owned & operated.