Donal Hebner

When I returned from a writing hiatus in Mexico in late 2008, the bottom had fallen out of the markets, there were no retail management positions available and the ones that were, paid about 50% of my previous salary,  so I started working several part time jobs.  Often while working, I would ask myself the same question…”What do you want to be when you grow up?”  It had occurred to me that the “Freedom 55” ideology was rapidly becoming a fleeting option as I was already 50 and trying to figure out what my next reincarnation of myself would look like?  I craved a space where I could be creative and dreamed of having a business and a market for my work that would facilitate my creative energy while allowing me to generate an income.

I had always dreamed of being an artist or a writer…. something in the arts.

“That’s It!  I’ll be an artist!”

….. and so it began.