Dihedral Designs

British Columbia is a beautiful and brutal place, bordered by the pacific, home to towering mountain ranges, and vast forests it’s not a place for the weak of heart. At dihedral designs we strive to make products that will serve the people that call this landscape home. Marrying the highest quality materials, traditional techniques and a timeless design, we make bags that aren’t just about looking good but standing the test of time.

Our “Ridge Line” bags are made of Merino wool felt is sourced from Germany. Wool felt is a fabric that is exceedingly water resistant, lightweight, incredibly strong, and easy to care for, because of these properties wool felt is a perfect fabric for the unpredictable climate found in British Columbia.

We source our waxed canvas from Halley Stevensons of Scotland. One of the longest running mills in the world they’ve been perfecting waxed canvas since 1864. The “Coast Line” bags are made with their C4X finish which is four times more waterproof than traditional finishes, in addition to this we use it because of its supple hand feel and its resistance to transfer in warmer temperatures. Waxed canvas is impregnated with wax versus an outer coating which results in a fabric that with break and crease similar to leather but is easy to care for and a fraction of the weight.

Each hide of leather is hand selected ensuring quality and the best look for your bag. Our leather is all cow hide in a variety of tans, finishes, and weights, they come from the USA, Britain, and Italy.