Alvaro Sanchez Jewellery

ALVARO SANCHEZ was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he studied design, music and architecture.
Since leaving Argentina he has lived in almost every country in Latin America until 1990 when he established residence on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

As a self-taught silversmith Alvaro has gathered influences, techniques and inspiration from the ancient and contemporary art of the many cultures he has been immersed in.

His artistic style has an urban Latin flavour.
Using precious metals and natural gems, Alvaro creates fine jewellery that is durable and very comfortable to wear.

I have always been interested in building things out of metal. As a child I was making small creatures from used electric wire as well as abstract sculpture and rough musical instruments from iron pipe scraps from my father’s plumbing and gas fitting business using the tools of his trade.

When I discovered precious metals I was fascinated with the possibilities. I love to feel the metal changing in my hands. I work almost exclusively with hand tools.

My work is about balance.
Balance between solid areas and empty spaces, between rough and smooth, between free forms and the basic geometric figures that contain them.

My interest in the ancient cultures of Latin America and my background in architecture influence my designs. I often use structural elements as the main theme in my creations rather than trying to hide them.
My style has been described as urban Latin.

I create art for people to wear, for that reason; comfort is a priority when designing a new piece.

Alvaro Sánchez