Murat Senemoglu

I am a Vancouver based jeweller holding a bachelor degree in Archaeology and Art History.

I was making and selling my jewellery in my studio-shop in Ankara, Turkey as well as lecturing jewellery making techniques and Art History at Baskent University before coming to Canada in 2005. I had been selling my jewellery at Public Market on Granville Island for more than 12 years and starting from last year, I decided to work only with some galleries and attend the major shows before my retirement. I’ve been making my own design silver jewelry for more than thirty years.

I am drawn to the organic and irregular patterns of nature and I am inspired by all the details that I see in my daily life: the shapes, textures and patterns in nature, such as branches on a tree, different details in a leaf and especially reflections and movements I observe on the Ocean.

There is a wonderful, universal language in jewellery art and I am dedicated to design and create particularly unique contemporary jewellery.