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Sheringham Distillery

As a successful chef, Jason MacIsaac experienced the importance of strong ties with local producers in order to obtain the best quality ingredients and outcome. We believe a large part of sustainability is keeping a local footprint.

We use time-honoured distilling methods and B.C. grown grains to achieve our sustainable and traditional approach to the production of our spirits. Our small batch hand-crafted spirits are all made with 100% B.C. agricultural products. We source local ingredients from Vancouver Island whenever possible. All our products are mashed, fermented and distilled at our distillery. We are proudly committed to localism, quality & sustainability.

Monsoon Coast

We are a small company located on beautiful Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. We started over 20 years ago with a vision to make traditional Indian spice mixtures accessible to the western palate. Since then we have followed our taste buds to other parts of the planet: The Levant & Africa, The Far East & Far West. Our fans rave about the ability of our mixtures to transform an everyday meal into a taste sensation. We have many new spices, teas and boxes for you this year!


Alvaro Sanchez Jewellery

ALVARO SANCHEZ was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he studied design, music and architecture.
Since leaving Argentina he has lived in almost every country in Latin America until 1990 when he established residence on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

As a self-taught silversmith Alvaro has gathered influences, techniques and inspiration from the ancient and contemporary art of the many cultures he has been immersed in.

His work is about the balance between solid and empty spaces, between rough and smooth, between free forms and the basic geometric figures that contain them.

His artistic style has an urban Latin flavour.
Using precious metals and natural gems, Alvaro creates fine jewellery that is durable and very comfortable to wear.