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From cringe to unhinged: quirky and eclectic accessories hand made in Kelowna, BC.

Artisan’s Way Organics

Artisans Way Organics is a family run business focused on making great tasting chocolate and nut butters on the healthier side. We are fully vegan and gluten free and don’t use refined sugars or junk ingredients.

Wild and Free Bouquet

I’m an artist and florist who has been fascinated by dried flowers for the past 20 years. In 2021, I decided to turn that fascination into a business, allowing to share my unique eye for seeing the potential in each individual flower. I arrange flowers in a wild and free way, yet still manages to capture the individual shapes and personalities of each bloom. I finds beauty and joy in all types of flowers and plants, and is excited to share my work with the world.

Raven Song Soap

Valerie, founder/co-owner of RavenSong Soap & Candle, hails from Haida Gwaii and takes immense pride in her Haida heritage. Her journey into artisanal craftsmanship began in 2003 with a gifted handmade soap bar, sparking an unwavering passion. Fueled by a relentless creative spirit, she dedicated every free moment to mastering the art.
In 2013, she left the corporate world to make soap full-time. Today, she presides over a thriving soap and candle emporium in Campbell River, complemented by an expanding online presence. Her luxury line of bath and beauty products continues to flourish, with RavenSong Soap + Candle’s creations gracing galleries and gift shops throughout the lower mainland.

Otter + Emma

We are a mother /daughter sewing duo in Colwood creating items for pets.

Jill Warne Arts

Born and raised in Sooke, BC, Jill Warne’s creativity has always been inspired by the nature and spirit of southern Vancouver Island. She studied visual arts at Camosun College and then completed a degree in History and English Literature.
Working predominantly in acrylics, Jill studied painting and focused mainly on west coast landscapes as inspiration.
In 2017, while looking to challenge herself by working in new media, Jill found polymer clay as an interesting alternative, and began to apply some of the style and techniques she had developed, in landscape painting, to layering and creating depth in miniature clay creations based on familiar locations, such as Whiffin Spit and Sombrio Beach.

Learning metal work came next and West Coast Cameos was formed. Drawing from her childhood home and love of the west coast environment, Jill then created collections also inspired by local floral and fauna. Jill has worked to represent the beauty and soul of her island home.

Out Designs

I was born in Mozambique, Africa, and spent my childhood there. Later, I moved to Europe and studied in Portugal, Germany, England, and Denmark. Where I did a couple of Bachelor degrees, Fine arts and Design.

A few years ago I moved to Canada with my family. For several months I would get up really early, get on my bicycle and find subjects for my photos: parks, animals, people, streets and buildings, anything that had some unusual light or feature. I was enjoying it a lot! It was on one of those outings that I came across the Lapidary Club. I was very curious and the members of the club were so welcoming, that after a few hours on the cutting wheels I was in love! I had always loved to work with stone and metals, but working with gemstones was even more interesting. I studied under goldsmith/artist Tom Schlegel, whom was so generous he allowed me to use his fully equipped studio until I had enough resources to have my own. For two years I studied with him. It was a pleasure and a challenge. Lisa Elser, Tom’s wife is a famous artist, she is one of the crème de la crème faceters. She taught me how to facet and again, she too let me use her equipment. Life is opportunity and fortune, and I have been most fortunate in finding the right people, willing to help and to give.

I have been working independently for 11 years now, and selling at arts & crafts shows as well as rock and gem shows. I make one of a kind pieces. Each piece is unique and has a story to tell.

Crow’s Nest Art

Megan MacDonald is a multi disciplinarian artist from Kelowna BC. Her focus is primarily centred on her encaustic practice.
MacDonald is drawn to natural and organic forms, the energy of hand-drawn lines, and the alchemy that occurs with the convergence of natural elements. She was drawn to encaustics due to its beautiful depth and luminosity as well as the myriad of possibilities the medium offers.

An award-winning artist, MacDonald’s work has been in juried exhibitions both regionally and nationally and can be found in numerous private collections around the globe. MacDonald continues to work, show and instruct out of her studio the Crow’s Nest in Kelowna, BC.

Lumen Gem Inc

The pairing of visual artist Charlie Rappard and lighting automation electrician Jay Moulton directly reflect the pairing of art and light in each Lumen Gem lamp. Our Lumen Gem LED light creations are impossible in nature, however we strive to give the appearance of living or growing somewhere, such as fungi consuming driftwood. Living with beautiful objects that remind us of the natural world encourages us to slow down and help reconnect with nature and ultimately, ourselves.

Magical Mushroom Sculptures

Artisan crafted mushroom sculptures combining porcelain, silicone, Vancouver Island driftwood, lichens, and LED lighting. Each one is a unique creation. Powered by a replaceable coin cell battery, these are ideal decorations for shelf and table top. A limited number of wall mounted versions also available. Magical!

Mayumi gon Nogami

Working in a unique technique with gouache and ink gives me the creative freedom to explore these ideas. It influences how I think about my art. I use strong contrast, quality of light and brilliant luminosity, and black line in order to create a burst of energy.
I create greeting cards, magnets, prints and tote bags from original work.

Mountain Meal Prep

Our dehydrated meal prep kits are easy one pot meals that cook within 30 minutes, and feed between 4-8 people. Each and every meal comes with easy to follow cooking directions, they are both convenient and straightforward. All meals are designed for health conscious individuals who want to minimize their time spent in the kitchen, and maximize time spent enjoying the outdoors. Our Mountain Meals are single serve dehydrated meals meant for hiking, or backpacking. All you have to do is add water, and rehydrate. These meals are packed full of flavour, and ready to fuel any adventure.


Hannah Stinson is a ceramic artist and illustrator. She has been making Munbeibis, sculpted ceramic figurines, since 2014. Munbeibis come from a story Hannah imagined about a group of moon rocks that have descended from the Moon to Earth, drawn here by their curiosity about humans, the forest, seashore, and snacks. On earth, the Munbeibis love to spend time with their favourite humans and go on adventures.
Hannah’s sculptural ceramic work can be found in shops and galleries in Canada and Japan.

Living Tree Food Ltd

Our co-founders, Emily and Kyle, met in law school at UBC. Emily is a lifelong vegetarian/vegan with a love for cooking and recipe creation. Kyle, having previously lived on a dairy farm, was astounded at how delicious vegan food could be. We started experimenting with recipes and selling at farmers’ markets. The reception was very encouraging, and made us feel that we were really onto something. After graduating and working as a lawyer at a top corporate law firm, respectively, we decided that we wanted to dedicate our careers to something meaningful to us. This is why we made the decision to jump into the business full-time.

Circular Harvest

Our small team of four at Circular Harvest is made up of passionate mushroom enthusiasts. We started growing mushrooms in 2021, and learn something new every day. Our first product was our gourmet mushroom grow kits, and has now grown to include a frozen mushroom food product lineup and our lion’s mane powder and extract.

Founders Chadd and Kyle met at the University of Waterloo while studying for their Bachelor’s in Environment and Business. Upon moving to BC, they started Circular Harvest with a mission to reshape agriculture from a linear to a circular agri-food system by 2030. Our products are a reflection of this larger mission we are working on.

Triestina Pasta & Provisions

Our delicious artisan pastas are hand made in Victoria BC by a borne and bred Italian pastaio, using traditional Italian methods and unique seasonal ingredients from local farms and markets. Handcrafted from the finest certified organic durum wheat, sourced in BC and freshly milled on Vancouver Island. We slow dry at a low temperature to produce a beautifully delicate, highly-nutritious product with exceptional flavour and authentic Italian taste. Available during the summer and festive market seasons, our traditional hand made crackers and cookies are a true labour of love – bringing Italian amore to this beautiful corner of the West Coast.

Sons of Vancouver

Probably the best known for our No. 82 Amaretto. We opened in 2015, making liqueurs for mixing cocktails. Come check our booth out and try a sample!

Sparrow Printmaking

Hand drawn, hand carved, and hand printed linocut art prints, greeting cards, and t-shirts inspired by nature.


Tink is a line of unique minimalist jewelry based out of Vancouver, B.C. The primary medium is polymer clay, a versatile and durable material that is very lightweight making it perfect for every day wear.

The mixed medium pieces have both a handmade and refined quality that makes the collection approachable and distinctive.

Tree Drops

Tofino based artist, Mei, has been creating unique expressions of art since 2015. Self taught, she discovered a unique painting process that is reminiscent of cloud gazing and inspired by her wild imagination. After dropping a multitude of watercolors onto paper, she lets them dry as shapes and images reveal themselves to her. Trusting the process, she then traces the images and creatures, which create one-of-a-kind illustrations. Just as each painting evolves and expresses her current state of mind, she hopes viewers will find their own unique story reflected.

In addition to her watercolor illustrations, she infuses her art with nature through working with local Vancouver Island wood and wild flowers from Tofino to create botanical pieces of art to hang on a wall, a table centrepiece, a hanging mobile, or a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece.

Vancouver Island’s Own

Based out of beautiful Victoria, BC, Vancouver Island’s Own is a small-batch, family-owned and operated gourmet snack food company. We approach the making of our products as consciously as we provide a nourishing meal for our families: with 100% organic, locally sourced ingredients and a whole lot of love. We maintain a focus on sustainability and a low carbon footprint throughout our company, from the ingredients and creation of our delectable products, to our packaging and delivery process. We take care to reduce our environmental impact as much as humanly possible and to ensure that our products benefit your body, mind, and taste buds. Our specialties include a variety of trail mixes made with fresh-from-the-harvest nuts and seeds, and unique granolas featuring locally freeze-dried fruits. We love nurturing our community and providing healthy, ready-made snack foods to satiate your hunger at any time of the day!

Yutal Jewelry Fusion

Diane, a qualified goldsmith, using filigree-work, and Ehud, a goldsmith whose family had been practicing the traditional Yemenite Filigree art for eight generations, set up a studio and soon developed their own special style.

Their creative design, inspired by diverse artistic currents (European Art Deco, Moroccan hammered metal and Yemenite traditional filigree technique) bears their very personal stamp of imagination and originality.

Wild Littles

Wild Littles is a modern artisan brand hand making children’s quilts, apparel and accessories in North Saanich, BC. Our beautiful handmade creations are made from high quality fabrics, often designed by independent female artist and exclusive fabrics made by us.

Wallace Craft Chocolate

Wallace Craft Chocolate, based in Victoria, BC, Canada, is your gateway to exceptional stone-ground chocolates and confections. With a commitment to 100% transparent trade, we source the finest single-origin cocoa, directly supporting farmers across the globe. Founder Mark Wallace’s decade-long commitment in Africa has empowered cocoa producers to earn fair wages. This bond persists as we now source beans directly from these farmers. With strong ties to the West Coast, we use local, organic, and the highest quality ingredients with distinct cocoa beans for captivating flavors. At Wallace Craft Chocolate, we’re all about unwavering transparency, integrity, and sustainability.

Save Da Sea

Offering minimally processed plant-based seafood alternatives in an effort to help reduce the stress on our oceans.

Ritual Concrete + Goods

Ritual Concrete + Goods was born in early 2022 with the intention of providing unique and high-quality home living products through exceptional craftsmanship. It was founded by a husband and wife team, and their dynamic complimentary set of skills creates the perfect match for the brand. Their passion for detail and innovative creativity is evident in their products, resulting in a clean and sleek feel in each piece. They believe that everything we use in our daily lives should be not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Sa Boothroyd Etc Inc

Quirky, fun, handmade products created for you in a little Gibsons, BC gallery by tea and biscuit loving elves. Our whimsical tea towels, tote bags, and prints are sure to tickle your funny bone.

Lochside Pottery

Focusing on functional mid-fire stoneware, Lochside Pottery is dedicated to the simple, unique character of the handmade. Drawing inspiration from the comfort of cottages and simplicity of farmhouses; this collection is designed to be loved and enjoyed everyday.

Jorge Izaza

As an experienced woodworker, I am fascinated by the journey in every piece of wood and believe the aim of every project is to craft well-designed works of art that are beautiful and functional. I enjoy testing the limits of what materials can do, but above all my passion for design and creation comes from the desire to make incredible ideas come to life and share them with the world. I am currently obsessed with LED ambient table lamps. Each one is a unique gift from nature, handmade to highlight the beauty, form and function of each piece.

Porchlight Press

Even though letterpress printing is over 500 years old, Porchlight Press continues to wow with their modern take on the craft. With their expert eye toward detail, Porchlight Press uses their antique presses to uniquely combine word, imagery, and texture that you’ll see in all their products. Their latest line of sumptuous paper and home goods is perfect for holiday gifts, or indulge your own collection. Porchlight Press is an award winning Vancouver based custom letterpress printing + design studio.

Hammock Hounds

At Hammock Hounds we love doing something fun and outside the box for your dog, cat & parrot too!

Some examples of our unique treats include dog gingerbread houses, dog advent calendars, dog, cat & parrot ice cream mix, dog treat sushi, cat tea and SO much more!

We make every treat from scratch using only the best ingredients with no wheat, corn, soy or preservatives.

We also make a variety of wax products including paw protector, nose balm & hot spot helper, all using local beeswax.

Gretel Designs

GRETEL DESIGNS is a wearable connection to nature. Foraged sprigs and beach combed shells from Vancouver Island are cast to capture the tiniest of details in every .960 sterling silver piece of jewellery.

Good Wheel Ceramics

Good Wheel Ceramics makes functional pottery that is not only pleasing to the eye, but feels good to hold and use. Each pot is thrown and finished on the potter’s wheel. We use a variety of different glazes, mostly personal recipes, in addition to letting the natural beauty of the raw clay show.

As a small batch artist, pieces are thrown, glazed and fired without molds or forms, with the utmost of care. As a result, each piece is handmade and unique and something we can both be proud of.

From the Heart Pebble Art

Here at From the Heart Pebble Art, we are dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind visual art pieces by using pebbles, sea glass and other beach treasures. Through our art, we aim to spark a little happiness and remind people to appreciate the beauty that nature has to offer.


Inspired by simplicity,  functionality and minimalism.
EcoSoles has created the most luxurious, sleek and elegant slippers that manage to encompass a casual look with style.
Using only the finest Cowichan grade wool, the softest merino and Peruvian Highland wool, plush sheepskin insole and mukluk grade leather for the sole.
Wear these beauties inside and out because you will never want to take them off!

Rustic Coast leather works are made with hand picked leather and designed around the natural imperfections in the hide. They are tough, sassy and strong. These are a must have day to night and perfect with any outfit.

Creme Brulee To Go

We modified the recipe of crème brulee with less fat and sugar compared to traditional and commercial ones. We added a twist on this classic French dessert with dairy and vegan options.

Claire Victoria Art and Illustration

Welcome to Claire Victoria Art and Illustration. Influenced by her life on the coast, Claire uniquely captures the essence of what it means to love out west through her stylized drawings and paintings. Come by booth #44 for a curated selection of prints, holiday and art cards designed to invite the outdoors into your home and honor the wild landscapes and characters that inspire us each day.”

Cheese Maker

We sell DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Cheese Making Kits! Treat yourself, or someone else, to a unique and hands on experience by making your own artisanal cheese in your own kitchen. With 5 varieties of cheeses to be made, there’s some fun for everyone. Try your hand at fresh mozzarella, farmhouse cheddar, goat or feta cheese, squeaky curds or a vegan nut-based cheese.

Cedar & Wool Maker Co.

Katherine Sydor, the artist behind Cedar & Wool Maker Co., creates unique fibre landscapes and a variety of Fibre Art DIY Kits of her own design. The DIY Kits are designed to be beginner-accessible.

Each piece is made from a variety of high quality sustainable materials such as 100% recycled textiles and merino wool.


Leather bags have been a staple in fashion for centuries, and for good reason, The timeless beauty of a well-made hand-crafted leather bag is unmatched. All of my pieces are carefully detailed and crafted by myself in my studio on Salt Spring Island; they show quality and sophistication. Whether it’s a classic tote, a sleek crossbody, or a versatile backpack, leather bags have the ability to elevate any outfit and add a touch of luxury to your everyday style. Having said that leather is not for everyone so I have added vegan products to my shop. Both leather and vegan bags come in a variety of designs that cater to different personalities and styles. From traditional to modern, there is a bag for everyone. All of my bags offer a contemporary and trendy appeal, with innovative designs and materials. Whether you prefer a vintage-inspired satchel, a minimalist tote, or a bold statement piece, leather, and vegan bags have you covered. These bags are not only fashion-forward but also functional, ensuring that you can find a design that fits your personality and lifestyle. So go ahead and explore the world of leather and vegan bags, and find the perfect one to complement your unique style.

Andrea Fritz Art

Andrea Fritz Art creates authentic Coast Salish art with a modern twist. Realism, movement, and tradition come together to show you the beauty of the natural West Coast World. Andrea creates original prints, shirts, cards, books, stickers and earrings.

Westholme Wonder Works

Joey Fortin was born in the Cowichan valley in 1956 and grew up between Victoria and Sayward mostly, mostly in forested areas.

Joey’s early love for nature such as the forest creatures ,trees ‘creeks and watersheds. Has now magically matured into his art with his woodcarvings.

Joey caters to the birds with houses and fairies plus Accessories for such.
Joey is guided with his art by the wee fairy folk and forest creatures in his abstract art of nature.

Slow Bottled Sunday

Get saucy with rescued fruit!

Slow Bottled Sunday upcycles fresh Okanagan fruit into whole food condiments. Their gluten-free, plant-based, low sodium, low sugar products include their top selling Cherry Barbecue Sauce, “Holiday” Plum Ketchup, Peach Habanero, Green Tomato Relish, Mulled Cherry Cider (no alchohol), and many more. Great stocking stuffers and gift boxes.

100,000 pounds of rescued BC fruit since 2021 and counting…

Meg Schae Ceramics

Meaghan Schaefer is a ceramic artist living and working in Victoria, BC. She received a Certificate in Ceramics (Honours) from the Kootenay School of the Arts in 2015. Her art is inspired by the beauty of nature and lives in the intersection of sculpture and function. Meaghan’s work is accepted and shown in juried art shows and public galleries. Her ceramics evolves through her studio practice, workshops, and teaching.

John Died

Original art, silk screened on recycled fabrics used to upcycle clothing for all.

Island Beeswax

My family has been involved with beeswax for decades. I have been coming up with unique creations and perfecting my craft on Vancouver Island for the last 13 years. I source all my wax from Western Canada and all of the wicks are cotton. I took up chandlering full time when injuries forced me to give up my equestrian life. The fulfillment and joy lighting up the west coast with healthy and relaxing ideas is incomparable.

Elk & The Tide

Elk & The Tide started years ago with Chef Zachary, a dream and a logo. Working as a full time Chef in fine dining kitchens, Zak was focused on working for the man, scared to take the plunge into Elk & The Tide without a safety net, it wasn’t until 2021 that our story truly began. Two people crazy about food (and each other) decided to dream up an entity for Elk & The Tide Catering Co. It all began with an idea.

To create a food experience so unique that it cannot be replicated. To embody a fine dinning experience, but make it approachable and welcome to everyone. We provide tables abundant in food that starts conversations, and fills the dining room with laughter among friends and creates lasting memories. We focus on traditional techniques without cutting corners, cultivating quality food that is locally sourced on Vancouver Island. Elk & The Tide is proud to be Black founded, owned & operated.

Crowfoot Collective

Crowfoot Collective is an Indigenous co-owned business based on Vancouver island. We are a small, family run business owned by Claire Crowfoot and Lawrence Crowfoot jr.
Lawrence is a proud member of Siksika Nation, and holds strong ties to his Blackfoot roots. Claire is in the process of completing her Aromatherapy Certification.

We use garden grown botanicals from our own seaside island garden, gathered according to tradition and the cycles of the moon in all of our beautiful pieces.

We create products using essential oils, absolutes, infusions and tinctures from some of the most important Indigenous plant medicines. Our aim is to use the power of our plant relatives and ancient indigenous knowledge to create goods which nurture and heal, bringing you back to yourself.

Bellamy Home

I’m Meghan of Bellamy Home Studio and am known for creating calming landscapes and lovely floral pieces. My main mediums are paper, paint and wood. I use these materials in order to create one of a kind artwork.

I’m an artist living on Vancouver Island, Canada. When not creating artwork I am constantly looking for inspiration by exploring the island with my dog, Luna.

Silken Fine Goods

Handcrafted, high-quality soft goods made with luxurious fabrics and finishings. Goods for self-care, relaxation, and gifting!

Laura van der Linde

Colourful, fun-tional pottery for your home. A twist on traditional wares with vibrant and distinctive designs.

Island Eko Pantry

We are two foodies who love sharing our cultural foods, Japanese and Korean. We make flavoured miso, gochujang, and holiday specials including miso caramel nuts and miso chocolate! If you are looking to include more ferments and deliciousness in your daily life, we got you covered!

Hilltop Wood and Resin

Hello! We are Hilltop Wood and Resin out of Nanaimo.
We are a husband and wife team working out of a small basement shop and love incorporating epoxy resin into our woodworking products to give them a big pop of colour. These products include serving boards, trays, plant pots and, our most popular item, cribbage boards.


Inspired by all things modern with influences from bold design and simple minimalism, our jewelry is the unique, handcrafted statement that we hope will become well loved favourites.

We believe whole heartedly in sustainability, clean living and quality made products.  Every piece is made by our hands at the STUDIO in Royston using non toxic materials and finishes.  We use only pure brass, sterling silver and 14k gold filled metals to compliment the polymer clay, acetate and glass.


From lush exotic fruit to fragrant spices, rich liquors, fine coffees and teas, and unique Japanese ingredients such as Yuzu, Sansho, or Wasabi, our carefully selected exclusive ingredients from around the globe transform each handmade chocolate into an edible masterpiece, naturally colored in an array of brilliant hues. Indulge in our 27 tantalizing flavour selections and experience the world of Coconama CHocolate for yourself.

Keith Kerrigan Haida Artist

Keith Kerrigan is a member of the Haida Nation, and the Yaghulanaas clan. His family originates from the village of Dadens on Langara Island in Haida Gwaii. Keith was taught basic Haida design in 1980 by his uncle, Claude Davidson. Initially working in argillite, Keith went on to carve wood, before turning to silver and gold, guided by his cousins, Reg and Robert Davidson. Kerrigan’s current practice focuses on the creation of contemporary jewelry featuring Haida designs inspired by those learned from his family, Haida stories, and the stories of his clients.


At Mudology we source the best quality natural ingredients to formulate Clay & Botanical Face Masks that naturally and gently cleanse and replenish your Brilliant Skin! Earth & Plant based Skincare that is ethically sourced and sustainably produced in small batches on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Looking for the best in natural skincare? We’ve got you covered… in Mud!

Kindred Coast

Hand screen printed sustainable tshirts for men and women, as well as beautiful Tencel ponchos, hoodies and sweaters. All printed with our original west coast designs.

Esquimalt Vermouth & Aperitifs

Vermouth & Apéritifs made on Vancouver Island.
Exploring the wonderful world of botanically infused wines, made from mead. From dry and bubbly, to bold, sweet and bitter, our apéritifs are sure to delight in cocktails, on ice or with a splash of sparkling water.

Queen Bee Farms

Queen Bee Farms is a Local, Organic Herb Farm & Apiary specializing in a wide variety of ‘Bee Inspired’ products. Including: their amazing hand-crafted artisan line of Teas, Raw Wildflower Honey from their hives on the Malahat, Pure Beeswax Candles, and featuring this year some exciting new products from their all Natural Luxurious QB Spa Line & so much more!

Little Sins Chocolate

Little Sins Chocolate is a small chocolate and confection company, where chocolates and confectionery are all handmade in small amounts using the best quality ingredients and best couverture chocolate. All products are created in small batches until sold out on a first-come first served basis.

Chocolatier and owner of Little Sins Chocolate Emmanuelle Richy loves to create and is passionate about her craft. Emmanuelle studied at the Art Institute in Vancouver BC and then continued her apprenticeship at Chocolate Arts in Vancouver BC. After her time at Chocolate Arts, she pursued an intensive VIP chocolatier course at world-renowned Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School in Melbourne Australia.

Little Sins offers handmade, small batch, exclusive confections. This limits waste and ensures you always have the freshest product possible.

Vankoji Foods

Vankoji Foods is dedicated to introducing the umami flavor of koji seasoning to the vibrant culinary landscape of Vancouver. Our mission is to share these versatile ingredients to households and restaurants of this city.

Zaworski Art & Homestead

This year Zaworski Art and Homesteads both is chock full of every animal you would find on the farm along with the honey bees, whales and hares!!! Original art pieces mixed with fine art prints, art cards, calendars and amazing tea towels. We also have our moody but amazing animal Christmas cards fully stocked!

Jamm-eez Sleepwear

Jamm-eez Sleepwear offers a great selection of 100% cotton flannel sleepwear for the family. Lots of great fun prints to choose from for that special person on your Christmas list.

Amanda Key Design

Amanda Key Designs creates art for the West Coast. All of our nature-inspired vinyl stickers are weather and water resistant, perfect for cars, water bottles and more. More than stickers, we will also have a selection of handmade holiday ornament cards, our newly illustrated 2023 calendar, and a wide selection of botanical art prints.


Elle + sons

Lindsay (L) has been creating custom jewelry for over two decades, specializing in wire wrapping, and metalsmithing techniques in both sterling silver and 14k gold filled. Her custom initial + birthstone necklaces make the perfect family heirloom gift.

POET farm co

POET farm co. is an artisan brand handcrafting beautiful products in Metchosin, BC, the land of rolling meadows and salty high tide.

Formally fern & tree, we have expanded our product line, drawing inspiration from the quiet clouds, the dancing grass, and the beautiful simplicity that comes with farm life.

Through minimal packing, nature-sourced ingredients and fresh scents, our handcrafted products nourish the soul… the key to a well-lived life.


Old’s Cool Designs

Gorgeous vintage silver flatware hand stamped with cute, witty phrases sure to make you smile. Perfect for gift giving.

Sugar Sandwich Design Studio

Sugar Sandwich Design is the home of Grow Along Babywear®, our exclusive line of growth-spurt friendly clothing for babies and kids. Grow Along Babywear® is the registered trademark for adjustable infant/toddler clothing that is handmade in Sooke BC Canada. We represent quality, performance, and long-lasting fit with all our Grow Along® products.


K-Bo Jewelry

K-Bo Jewelry focuses on using ethical and locally sourced materials to make your jewelry.

That way they know the jewelry brings smiles not only to you and me, but to other small businesses, our community and planet!

K-Bo Jewelry pieces are inspired by the beauty of everyday life and are perfect for those who love wearing jewelry all the time – even while swimming & sleeping!

We hope you find something you love!

Slate Jewelry

Christine Rio is Canadian jewelry designer based on the West Coast in Victoria, BC. Launching Slate Jewelry in 2016, she handcrafts small batch metalwork pieces of wearable art that strike a balance between classic minimalism and luxurious details. Outside of the usual jewelry categories of “fine” or “fashion,” Christine’s contemporary work stands on its own, giving voice to her organic “modern relic,” style, blending modern lines with a sense of found objects.

Woven Stone Co.

Unique and meaninful west-coast gemstone jewelry for every day. Woven Stone Co. was created with the hopes of encouraging others to connect authentically to one’s self, nature, and each other. Designed and handcrafted in Victoria, BC, my pieces are curated by refining various combinations of gemstones, resulting in beautiful creations made with love.

Soma Mo

One of a kind hand made Jewellery

Originally from a hill tribe in Himalaya area , my jewelry are inspired by my traditional culture . Using traditional silver skill that I learned from a master in Tibet , combined with new technique learned in Canada , I create one a kind jewelry .

jmp flow+design

These pieces are a perfect balance between art and function. Using a fluid pouring technique, I create pieces that combine food safe epoxy resin with functional pieces you can (and should!) use in your home. Resin by nature is transparent, and the ability to see the organic movement, layers, and hidden treasures that become captured in the resin as it cures while touching its hard glass like finish is fascinating and very appealing.

Invinity Sparkling Wine House

Vancouver Island’s Only Dedicated Sparkling Wine House! Located in North Saanich on the same latitude as Champagne, France, we have a micro-vineyard where we do all the farming and wine making ourselves. We focus on making low intervention wines that are made in the Traditional Champagne Method.

Daksha’s Gourmet Spices

We clean blend and grind all our products right here in Victoria. They are all made with NO Salt added, No MSG, Preservative free, Gluten Free, Allergen Free and best of all, our ingredients are Vegetarian and Vegan friendly and can be enjoyed by everyone. Enjoy and Happy Cooking

Cordova Candle Co.

We are Cordova Candle Co. An independent candle company out of Victoria, BC. Our candles are ethically produced in small batches using sustainable ingredients and packaging.

All of our candles are hand-poured in our studio using 100% natural soy wax for a clean and safe burn. Our wicks are made of a lead and zinc free braided cotton and all our products are free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petroleum, carcinogenic and animal-derived ingredients. Our mission is simple: to create candles with captivating scents and the best ingredients.

Our scents are inspired by nature and travel, moments and memories.

We ship our candles with recyclable packaging including bio-degradable packaging peanuts made of starch that completely dissolve in water.

We encourage our customers to reuse or recycle our candle vessels rather than them ending up in a landfill.

Coastal Roots Art

Experience the enchanting beauty of Vancouver Island’s coastal scenes through the eyes of a dedicated wood artist. Our pieces are freehand drawn using pyrography and paint, resulting in functional works of art that capture the essence of the Pacific shoreline.

What sets us apart:

Functional Art: Our collection includes coasters, keychains, bookmarks, and more that not only look fantastic but serve a purpose.

Festive Charm: Explore our delightful Christmas ornaments that infuse a touch of coastal magic into your holiday decor.

Unique Wall Art: Elevate your space with original, one-of-a-kind wall art inspired by the coastal landscapes of Vancouver Island.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the coast and let our creations transform your living space. Join us in celebrating the captivating beauty of Vancouver Island’s coastal nature.

Shop with us to bring a piece of the coast into your home today!

Thermohair Inc

Welcome to our webpage! Please view the wonderful array of premier, hand dyed / hand painted, one of a kind Mohair Socks. Toques, Scarves & Insoles in multiple sizes, styles and products. Natural fibers are superior in so many ways however they need to be experienced to be believed thus I look forward to seeing in at my booth for a memorable, tactile experience. Warm Regards. Richard

Odd Society Spirits

Odd Society Spirits is a BC craft distillery located in Vancouver, BC. Odd Society produces a wide range of award-winning whiskies, gins, and liqueurs using local grains. We have several Christmas only releases of one-off whiskies including: Maple Whisky, Boneyard Whisky, Community Collaboration whiskies. Come by our table for a taste of something special.


Founded on the pristine shores of the Pacific Northwest, Sealuxe takes inspiration from the sea’s bountiful offerings. We carefully craft our products using organic, sustainably sourced marine botanicals, seaweeds, and sea salts, known for their nourishing and revitalizing properties. Combined with potent herbal extracts and essential oils, our formulations are designed to enhance your skin’s natural beauty while promoting overall well-being.



Refinemark creates letterpress and printed stationery including Greeting cards, seasonal cards and ornaments, framed and unframed limited prints, calendars, journals, bookmarks, tote bags and special gift packages. The popular Refinemark desk Calendar features Travel Inspirations for 2024. All of these products will be available for purchase at the Out Of Hand 2023.

Newfolk and Cabin

Newfolk&Cabin Paper Studio’s illustrated Christmas cards will charm you. Woodcut style of illustrations depict lovely winter scenes and beautiful holiday florals will help you celebrate this season! This year a gorgeous floral 2024 Calendar is available and you’ll find many new notebooks as well. The ever popular meditation boxes are wrapped up in white silky ribbon just right for holiday gift giving. And there are plenty of cute gift tags to personalize your gifts. If you are looking for intriguing art prints you’ll find those as well. Please come by to find unique stationery to satisfy your holiday gift giving needs

Corin Flood

Natural and painted wooden bowls made by hand from regional materials.

Sheringham Distillery

As a successful chef, Jason MacIsaac experienced the importance of strong ties with local producers in order to obtain the best quality ingredients and outcome. We believe a large part of sustainability is keeping a local footprint.

We use time-honoured distilling methods and B.C. grown grains to achieve our sustainable and traditional approach to the production of our spirits. Our small batch hand-crafted spirits are all made with 100% B.C. agricultural products. We source local ingredients from Vancouver Island whenever possible. All our products are mashed, fermented and distilled at our distillery. We are proudly committed to localism, quality & sustainability.

Mellifera Bees

Mellifera Bees produces distinctive, hand-crafted honey infusions of exceptional quality

Salt & Seaweed Apothecary

SALT & SEAWEED APOTHECARY is a Vancouver Island based boutique skincare brand, rooted in nature, with ocean-infused ingredients breathing life, love and restorative properties into every handcrafted product created.

West Coast Nuts

Homemade roasted and candied nuts, using simple and flavourful ingredients, in unique combinations. Made with goodness in Sechelt, BC.

Salt Spring Artisan Vinegars

Our products are made with time, love and the best ingredients we can find (or grow!). They are fruity and bright, and as delicious as they are good for you.

Use them in salad dressings, marinades, as a complement to steamed or roasted vegetables, any time you want to make your dishes stand out!

Monsoon Coast

We are a small company located on beautiful Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. We started over 20 years ago with a vision to make traditional Indian spice mixtures accessible to the western palate. Since then we have followed our taste buds to other parts of the planet: The Levant & Africa, The Far East & Far West. Our fans rave about the ability of our mixtures to transform an everyday meal into a taste sensation. We have many new spices, teas and boxes for you this year!


The Wooden Forge

I’ve been a woodworking crafter for most of my working life. After “real” jobs as a teacher and wildlife biologist, the woodworking hobby became a full time occupation and my husband and I spent many years on the craft show circuit all over western Canada. Several years ago I discovered the fun of woodturning. After 40 years I still love what I do, crafting pieces of beautiful wood into items that people can use and treasure for many years.

Claudia Hayward

Treats Designs

Jewelry designs that are that colourful, bold and whimsical, yet natural and sophisticated. My handcrafted jewelry features natural sustainable tagua seeds combined with sterling silver, leather, rubber, organic cotton and hemp.

Tagua from the Rainforest. Smart. Beautiful. Sustainable.

Hornby Island Estate Winery

Hornby Island Estate Winery was founded in 1999, the dream of John Grayson and Joan Costello. Hornby Island is part of the Wine Islands region – the perfect climate for growing fruits and berries. Now over two decades old, the orchard produces exquisite French and English cider apples. While the other fruits and berries are sourced from nearby local farmers. All wine making happens right on site where each and every bottle is hand-crafted.


Linda Rajotte Silver Ocean Designs

Since 2004, Linda Rajotte has been creating her west coast inspired wearable art. She weaves, textures and forms silver to make individual, unique pieces. The ocean and the symmetry of nature provide inspiration for her. Linda has used many other mediums in her life to express her artistic talents, however, exploring the unique properties of silver, copper and now gold dominates her life in art.

Linda’s mathematical background has influenced her distinct designs. Logarithmic spirals found in nature such as ammonite fossils, shells, and sunflowers are a constant theme. All her pieces are made by hand so they carry within them the energy she uses to create

Her jewellery has been described as being original, elegant and while it has a very personal feel – inasmuch as her jewellery is an extension of her as a person – it also conveys a strong sense of its eventual wearer.

Circle Canning

Circle Canning is Victoria’s go-to, locally sourced artisan crafter. Paige Robinson has been creating these delicious recipes for over 20 years. Come see what all the fuss is about!


Cathi Jefferson

Salt fired porcelain stoneware functional dishes and sculptural pieces

Cathi’s career as a studio-trained potter began under mentor Herman Venema in Matsqui, British Columbia, in 1974. She also completed fine arts courses at Kwantlen College and the Fraser Valley College. Two Canada Council Grants provided fundingfor a 4-month residency at The Archie Bray Foundation in Montana and the Banff Centre for the Arts. Experiences with fellow ceramic artists include residencies in Canada, the US, and internationally.

Her exhibition history has been extensive over the years, being invited to participate in seven USA exhibitions at the National Clay Exhibition for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) and the ’21st Century Ceramics’ in Ohio. She was juried into the Sydney Myers International Award, Australia. In 2010, Cathi was awarded the Carter Wosk BC Achievement Award for Applied Art and Design. Among the many publications that have featured her work are Robin Hopper’s ‘Functional Pottery’ and Phil Roger’s ‘Salt-Glaze Ceramics’.

Cathi’s passion for the preservation of nature is evident in all aspects of her work. Her studio and gallery on the beautiful Cowichan River near Duncan, BC, is surrounded by the west coast rain forest that inspires her. The unique salt-fired functional stoneware and sculptural forms she creates have designs from nature that she cares about so passionately.

Cristy’s Jewelry Designs

Cristy’s jewelry is crafted in her home studio on stunning Vancouver Island. Her work represents the world she sees around her, at home and in travel: figments of nature and geometric silhouettes, using mixed metals and wire-wrapped stones to create each exquisite piece.

Red Pot Pottery

Unique one of a kind hand made pottery

There are 29 steps involved to make my work. I use both the wheel and hands to make my work. My work explores the beauty of the nature, color and form. I meticulously carve and paint hundreds of little flowers and leaves to create simple yet a detailed piece. I don’t use any stencil or stamp to create my pottery so all of my work is unique and one of the kind.

Art has always been my passion. After 11 year of teaching fine art, I embarked on my life-long desire to become a potter in 1998. Now I am merging all the things I love and trying something new. I draw inspiration from past and present experiences and this is where ceramic meets fine art. My work explores the beauty of nature, color and form. I meticulously paint hundreds of little flowers, colors and symbols to create detailed mosaics representing my aesthetic and culture. The final work is unique and beautiful. I don’t use any stencil nor tools of any kind, no two pieces of my work are the same. Lynn

Enrico Winery

Welcome to wines from the heart of Vancouver Island’s wine country, the picturesque Cowichan Valley. Our unique micro climate produces some of the finest wines found in BC and Canada. We invite you to browse through our current selection and feel free to inquire about upcoming releases.

Alvaro Sanchez Jewellery

ALVARO SANCHEZ was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he studied design, music and architecture.
Since leaving Argentina he has lived in almost every country in Latin America until 1990 when he established residence on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

As a self-taught silversmith Alvaro has gathered influences, techniques and inspiration from the ancient and contemporary art of the many cultures he has been immersed in.

His work is about the balance between solid and empty spaces, between rough and smooth, between free forms and the basic geometric figures that contain them.

His artistic style has an urban Latin flavour.
Using precious metals and natural gems, Alvaro creates fine jewellery that is durable and very comfortable to wear.

Smithbuilt Quilts

Quilted items for the home in Christmas and everyday themes, included are table runners, placemats, pot holders, wall hangings, baby quilts and Christmas stockings.

Nan C Designs

The nan.c designs line of Learn-To-Felt kits are packed with my own hand-dyed felting wool created in my home studio in the Cowichan Valley. This year at Out-of-Hand I’ll be introducing my newest kit, a collection of mushrooms. I’m the author of Next Level Felting, make one-of-a-kind felted wool creations and teach felting workshops. Come say hi, pick up a felting kit to gift and a felted decoration for your tree. I love to introduce new people to this fun and magical craft.

Parker Street Soap Co

Based in East Vancouver and rooted in nature, Parker Street Soap Co. creates simple and natural self-care products using plant-based ingredients and
pure essential oils.

All of Parker Street Soap Co.’s products are handmade in small batches, allowing for attention and care in every detail. These all-natural products are free of
synthetic fragrances, chemical preservatives and harmful sulfates, and are sustainably packaged with the planet in mind.

This small company is a woman-owned and operated business that intentionally promotes a spirit of wellness and self-care. From bar soap to bubble bath to lotion, lip balms, and bath salts, Parker Street offers a range of products. Spa-themed gift boxes, soap sets, mini bar sampler boxes and aromatherapy spray rounds out the gift giving possibilities. Parker Street Soap Co. creates thoughtfully crafted products for all your bath and body needs.

Kay Ceramics

Modern stoneware ceramics, made by hand in Ucluelet, B.C.


Gordon Hutchens

For over 50 years Gordon Hutchens has created a wide variety of ceramic vessels incorporating a life-times exploration of historical and contemporary techniques, always adding his own twists and explorations in glaze chemistry.

His work varies from rustic wood fired stoneware to refined crystalline glazed porcelain and lustre ware.

In his large Denman Island studio he has designed and built 4 gas fired kilns and a Japanese style hill-side wood fired Anagama.