Maker Category: Other

Wild and Free Bouquet

I’m an artist and florist who has been fascinated by dried flowers for the past 20 years. In 2021, I decided to turn that fascination into a business, allowing to share my unique eye for seeing the potential in each individual flower. I arrange flowers in a wild and free way, yet still manages to capture the individual shapes and personalities of each bloom. I finds beauty and joy in all types of flowers and plants, and is excited to share my work with the world.

Lumen Gem Inc

The pairing of visual artist Charlie Rappard and lighting automation electrician Jay Moulton directly reflect the pairing of art and light in each Lumen Gem lamp. Our Lumen Gem LED light creations are impossible in nature, however we strive to give the appearance of living or growing somewhere, such as fungi consuming driftwood. Living with beautiful objects that remind us of the natural world encourages us to slow down and help reconnect with nature and ultimately, ourselves.

Magical Mushroom Sculptures

Artisan crafted mushroom sculptures combining porcelain, silicone, Vancouver Island driftwood, lichens, and LED lighting. Each one is a unique creation. Powered by a replaceable coin cell battery, these are ideal decorations for shelf and table top. A limited number of wall mounted versions also available. Magical!

Ritual Concrete + Goods

Ritual Concrete + Goods was born in early 2022 with the intention of providing unique and high-quality home living products through exceptional craftsmanship. It was founded by a husband and wife team, and their dynamic complimentary set of skills creates the perfect match for the brand. Their passion for detail and innovative creativity is evident in their products, resulting in a clean and sleek feel in each piece. They believe that everything we use in our daily lives should be not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

From the Heart Pebble Art

Here at From the Heart Pebble Art, we are dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind visual art pieces by using pebbles, sea glass and other beach treasures. Through our art, we aim to spark a little happiness and remind people to appreciate the beauty that nature has to offer.

Silken Fine Goods

Handcrafted, high-quality soft goods made with luxurious fabrics and finishings. Goods for self-care, relaxation, and gifting!

Jamm-eez Sleepwear

Jamm-eez Sleepwear offers a great selection of 100% cotton flannel sleepwear for the family. Lots of great fun prints to choose from for that special person on your Christmas list.

Nan C Designs

The nan.c designs line of Learn-To-Felt kits are packed with my own hand-dyed felting wool created in my home studio in the Cowichan Valley. This year at Out-of-Hand I’ll be introducing my newest kit, a collection of mushrooms. I’m the author of Next Level Felting, make one-of-a-kind felted wool creations and teach felting workshops. Come say hi, pick up a felting kit to gift and a felted decoration for your tree. I love to introduce new people to this fun and magical craft.