Maker Category: Jewellery

From cringe to unhinged: quirky and eclectic accessories hand made in Kelowna, BC.

Jill Warne Arts

Born and raised in Sooke, BC, Jill Warne’s creativity has always been inspired by the nature and spirit of southern Vancouver Island. She studied visual arts at Camosun College and then completed a degree in History and English Literature.
Working predominantly in acrylics, Jill studied painting and focused mainly on west coast landscapes as inspiration.
In 2017, while looking to challenge herself by working in new media, Jill found polymer clay as an interesting alternative, and began to apply some of the style and techniques she had developed, in landscape painting, to layering and creating depth in miniature clay creations based on familiar locations, such as Whiffin Spit and Sombrio Beach.

Learning metal work came next and West Coast Cameos was formed. Drawing from her childhood home and love of the west coast environment, Jill then created collections also inspired by local floral and fauna. Jill has worked to represent the beauty and soul of her island home.

Out Designs

I was born in Mozambique, Africa, and spent my childhood there. Later, I moved to Europe and studied in Portugal, Germany, England, and Denmark. Where I did a couple of Bachelor degrees, Fine arts and Design.

A few years ago I moved to Canada with my family. For several months I would get up really early, get on my bicycle and find subjects for my photos: parks, animals, people, streets and buildings, anything that had some unusual light or feature. I was enjoying it a lot! It was on one of those outings that I came across the Lapidary Club. I was very curious and the members of the club were so welcoming, that after a few hours on the cutting wheels I was in love! I had always loved to work with stone and metals, but working with gemstones was even more interesting. I studied under goldsmith/artist Tom Schlegel, whom was so generous he allowed me to use his fully equipped studio until I had enough resources to have my own. For two years I studied with him. It was a pleasure and a challenge. Lisa Elser, Tom’s wife is a famous artist, she is one of the crème de la crème faceters. She taught me how to facet and again, she too let me use her equipment. Life is opportunity and fortune, and I have been most fortunate in finding the right people, willing to help and to give.

I have been working independently for 11 years now, and selling at arts & crafts shows as well as rock and gem shows. I make one of a kind pieces. Each piece is unique and has a story to tell.


Tink is a line of unique minimalist jewelry based out of Vancouver, B.C. The primary medium is polymer clay, a versatile and durable material that is very lightweight making it perfect for every day wear.

The mixed medium pieces have both a handmade and refined quality that makes the collection approachable and distinctive.

Yutal Jewelry Fusion

Diane, a qualified goldsmith, using filigree-work, and Ehud, a goldsmith whose family had been practicing the traditional Yemenite Filigree art for eight generations, set up a studio and soon developed their own special style.

Their creative design, inspired by diverse artistic currents (European Art Deco, Moroccan hammered metal and Yemenite traditional filigree technique) bears their very personal stamp of imagination and originality.

Gretel Designs

GRETEL DESIGNS is a wearable connection to nature. Foraged sprigs and beach combed shells from Vancouver Island are cast to capture the tiniest of details in every .960 sterling silver piece of jewellery.


Inspired by all things modern with influences from bold design and simple minimalism, our jewelry is the unique, handcrafted statement that we hope will become well loved favourites.

We believe whole heartedly in sustainability, clean living and quality made products.  Every piece is made by our hands at the STUDIO in Royston using non toxic materials and finishes.  We use only pure brass, sterling silver and 14k gold filled metals to compliment the polymer clay, acetate and glass.

Keith Kerrigan Haida Artist

Keith Kerrigan is a member of the Haida Nation, and the Yaghulanaas clan. His family originates from the village of Dadens on Langara Island in Haida Gwaii. Keith was taught basic Haida design in 1980 by his uncle, Claude Davidson. Initially working in argillite, Keith went on to carve wood, before turning to silver and gold, guided by his cousins, Reg and Robert Davidson. Kerrigan’s current practice focuses on the creation of contemporary jewelry featuring Haida designs inspired by those learned from his family, Haida stories, and the stories of his clients.

Elle + sons

Lindsay (L) has been creating custom jewelry for over two decades, specializing in wire wrapping, and metalsmithing techniques in both sterling silver and 14k gold filled. Her custom initial + birthstone necklaces make the perfect family heirloom gift.

K-Bo Jewelry

K-Bo Jewelry focuses on using ethical and locally sourced materials to make your jewelry.

That way they know the jewelry brings smiles not only to you and me, but to other small businesses, our community and planet!

K-Bo Jewelry pieces are inspired by the beauty of everyday life and are perfect for those who love wearing jewelry all the time – even while swimming & sleeping!

We hope you find something you love!

Slate Jewelry

Christine Rio is Canadian jewelry designer based on the West Coast in Victoria, BC. Launching Slate Jewelry in 2016, she handcrafts small batch metalwork pieces of wearable art that strike a balance between classic minimalism and luxurious details. Outside of the usual jewelry categories of “fine” or “fashion,” Christine’s contemporary work stands on its own, giving voice to her organic “modern relic,” style, blending modern lines with a sense of found objects.

Woven Stone Co.

Unique and meaninful west-coast gemstone jewelry for every day. Woven Stone Co. was created with the hopes of encouraging others to connect authentically to one’s self, nature, and each other. Designed and handcrafted in Victoria, BC, my pieces are curated by refining various combinations of gemstones, resulting in beautiful creations made with love.

Soma Mo

One of a kind hand made Jewellery

Originally from a hill tribe in Himalaya area , my jewelry are inspired by my traditional culture . Using traditional silver skill that I learned from a master in Tibet , combined with new technique learned in Canada , I create one a kind jewelry .

Treats Designs

Jewelry designs that are that colourful, bold and whimsical, yet natural and sophisticated. My handcrafted jewelry features natural sustainable tagua seeds combined with sterling silver, leather, rubber, organic cotton and hemp.

Tagua from the Rainforest. Smart. Beautiful. Sustainable.

Linda Rajotte Silver Ocean Designs

Since 2004, Linda Rajotte has been creating her west coast inspired wearable art. She weaves, textures and forms silver to make individual, unique pieces. The ocean and the symmetry of nature provide inspiration for her. Linda has used many other mediums in her life to express her artistic talents, however, exploring the unique properties of silver, copper and now gold dominates her life in art.

Linda’s mathematical background has influenced her distinct designs. Logarithmic spirals found in nature such as ammonite fossils, shells, and sunflowers are a constant theme. All her pieces are made by hand so they carry within them the energy she uses to create

Her jewellery has been described as being original, elegant and while it has a very personal feel – inasmuch as her jewellery is an extension of her as a person – it also conveys a strong sense of its eventual wearer.

Cristy’s Jewelry Designs

Cristy’s jewelry is crafted in her home studio on stunning Vancouver Island. Her work represents the world she sees around her, at home and in travel: figments of nature and geometric silhouettes, using mixed metals and wire-wrapped stones to create each exquisite piece.

Alvaro Sanchez Jewellery

ALVARO SANCHEZ was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he studied design, music and architecture.
Since leaving Argentina he has lived in almost every country in Latin America until 1990 when he established residence on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

As a self-taught silversmith Alvaro has gathered influences, techniques and inspiration from the ancient and contemporary art of the many cultures he has been immersed in.

His work is about the balance between solid and empty spaces, between rough and smooth, between free forms and the basic geometric figures that contain them.

His artistic style has an urban Latin flavour.
Using precious metals and natural gems, Alvaro creates fine jewellery that is durable and very comfortable to wear.