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Artisan’s Way Organics

Artisans Way Organics is a family run business focused on making great tasting chocolate and nut butters on the healthier side. We are fully vegan and gluten free and don’t use refined sugars or junk ingredients.

Mountain Meal Prep

Our dehydrated meal prep kits are easy one pot meals that cook within 30 minutes, and feed between 4-8 people. Each and every meal comes with easy to follow cooking directions, they are both convenient and straightforward. All meals are designed for health conscious individuals who want to minimize their time spent in the kitchen, and maximize time spent enjoying the outdoors. Our Mountain Meals are single serve dehydrated meals meant for hiking, or backpacking. All you have to do is add water, and rehydrate. These meals are packed full of flavour, and ready to fuel any adventure.

Living Tree Food Ltd

Our co-founders, Emily and Kyle, met in law school at UBC. Emily is a lifelong vegetarian/vegan with a love for cooking and recipe creation. Kyle, having previously lived on a dairy farm, was astounded at how delicious vegan food could be. We started experimenting with recipes and selling at farmers’ markets. The reception was very encouraging, and made us feel that we were really onto something. After graduating and working as a lawyer at a top corporate law firm, respectively, we decided that we wanted to dedicate our careers to something meaningful to us. This is why we made the decision to jump into the business full-time.

Circular Harvest

Our small team of four at Circular Harvest is made up of passionate mushroom enthusiasts. We started growing mushrooms in 2021, and learn something new every day. Our first product was our gourmet mushroom grow kits, and has now grown to include a frozen mushroom food product lineup and our lion’s mane powder and extract.

Founders Chadd and Kyle met at the University of Waterloo while studying for their Bachelor’s in Environment and Business. Upon moving to BC, they started Circular Harvest with a mission to reshape agriculture from a linear to a circular agri-food system by 2030. Our products are a reflection of this larger mission we are working on.

Triestina Pasta & Provisions

Our delicious artisan pastas are hand made in Victoria BC by a borne and bred Italian pastaio, using traditional Italian methods and unique seasonal ingredients from local farms and markets. Handcrafted from the finest certified organic durum wheat, sourced in BC and freshly milled on Vancouver Island. We slow dry at a low temperature to produce a beautifully delicate, highly-nutritious product with exceptional flavour and authentic Italian taste. Available during the summer and festive market seasons, our traditional hand made crackers and cookies are a true labour of love – bringing Italian amore to this beautiful corner of the West Coast.

Vancouver Island’s Own

Based out of beautiful Victoria, BC, Vancouver Island’s Own is a small-batch, family-owned and operated gourmet snack food company. We approach the making of our products as consciously as we provide a nourishing meal for our families: with 100% organic, locally sourced ingredients and a whole lot of love. We maintain a focus on sustainability and a low carbon footprint throughout our company, from the ingredients and creation of our delectable products, to our packaging and delivery process. We take care to reduce our environmental impact as much as humanly possible and to ensure that our products benefit your body, mind, and taste buds. Our specialties include a variety of trail mixes made with fresh-from-the-harvest nuts and seeds, and unique granolas featuring locally freeze-dried fruits. We love nurturing our community and providing healthy, ready-made snack foods to satiate your hunger at any time of the day!

Wallace Craft Chocolate

Wallace Craft Chocolate, based in Victoria, BC, Canada, is your gateway to exceptional stone-ground chocolates and confections. With a commitment to 100% transparent trade, we source the finest single-origin cocoa, directly supporting farmers across the globe. Founder Mark Wallace’s decade-long commitment in Africa has empowered cocoa producers to earn fair wages. This bond persists as we now source beans directly from these farmers. With strong ties to the West Coast, we use local, organic, and the highest quality ingredients with distinct cocoa beans for captivating flavors. At Wallace Craft Chocolate, we’re all about unwavering transparency, integrity, and sustainability.

Save Da Sea

Offering minimally processed plant-based seafood alternatives in an effort to help reduce the stress on our oceans.

Creme Brulee To Go

We modified the recipe of crème brulee with less fat and sugar compared to traditional and commercial ones. We added a twist on this classic French dessert with dairy and vegan options.

Cheese Maker

We sell DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Cheese Making Kits! Treat yourself, or someone else, to a unique and hands on experience by making your own artisanal cheese in your own kitchen. With 5 varieties of cheeses to be made, there’s some fun for everyone. Try your hand at fresh mozzarella, farmhouse cheddar, goat or feta cheese, squeaky curds or a vegan nut-based cheese.

Slow Bottled Sunday

Get saucy with rescued fruit!

Slow Bottled Sunday upcycles fresh Okanagan fruit into whole food condiments. Their gluten-free, plant-based, low sodium, low sugar products include their top selling Cherry Barbecue Sauce, “Holiday” Plum Ketchup, Peach Habanero, Green Tomato Relish, Mulled Cherry Cider (no alchohol), and many more. Great stocking stuffers and gift boxes.

100,000 pounds of rescued BC fruit since 2021 and counting…

Elk & The Tide

Elk & The Tide started years ago with Chef Zachary, a dream and a logo. Working as a full time Chef in fine dining kitchens, Zak was focused on working for the man, scared to take the plunge into Elk & The Tide without a safety net, it wasn’t until 2021 that our story truly began. Two people crazy about food (and each other) decided to dream up an entity for Elk & The Tide Catering Co. It all began with an idea.

To create a food experience so unique that it cannot be replicated. To embody a fine dinning experience, but make it approachable and welcome to everyone. We provide tables abundant in food that starts conversations, and fills the dining room with laughter among friends and creates lasting memories. We focus on traditional techniques without cutting corners, cultivating quality food that is locally sourced on Vancouver Island. Elk & The Tide is proud to be Black founded, owned & operated.

Island Eko Pantry

We are two foodies who love sharing our cultural foods, Japanese and Korean. We make flavoured miso, gochujang, and holiday specials including miso caramel nuts and miso chocolate! If you are looking to include more ferments and deliciousness in your daily life, we got you covered!


From lush exotic fruit to fragrant spices, rich liquors, fine coffees and teas, and unique Japanese ingredients such as Yuzu, Sansho, or Wasabi, our carefully selected exclusive ingredients from around the globe transform each handmade chocolate into an edible masterpiece, naturally colored in an array of brilliant hues. Indulge in our 27 tantalizing flavour selections and experience the world of Coconama CHocolate for yourself.

Queen Bee Farms

Queen Bee Farms is a Local, Organic Herb Farm & Apiary specializing in a wide variety of ‘Bee Inspired’ products. Including: their amazing hand-crafted artisan line of Teas, Raw Wildflower Honey from their hives on the Malahat, Pure Beeswax Candles, and featuring this year some exciting new products from their all Natural Luxurious QB Spa Line & so much more!

Little Sins Chocolate

Little Sins Chocolate is a small chocolate and confection company, where chocolates and confectionery are all handmade in small amounts using the best quality ingredients and best couverture chocolate. All products are created in small batches until sold out on a first-come first served basis.

Chocolatier and owner of Little Sins Chocolate Emmanuelle Richy loves to create and is passionate about her craft. Emmanuelle studied at the Art Institute in Vancouver BC and then continued her apprenticeship at Chocolate Arts in Vancouver BC. After her time at Chocolate Arts, she pursued an intensive VIP chocolatier course at world-renowned Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School in Melbourne Australia.

Little Sins offers handmade, small batch, exclusive confections. This limits waste and ensures you always have the freshest product possible.

Vankoji Foods

Vankoji Foods is dedicated to introducing the umami flavor of koji seasoning to the vibrant culinary landscape of Vancouver. Our mission is to share these versatile ingredients to households and restaurants of this city.

Daksha’s Gourmet Spices

We clean blend and grind all our products right here in Victoria. They are all made with NO Salt added, No MSG, Preservative free, Gluten Free, Allergen Free and best of all, our ingredients are Vegetarian and Vegan friendly and can be enjoyed by everyone. Enjoy and Happy Cooking

Mellifera Bees

Mellifera Bees produces distinctive, hand-crafted honey infusions of exceptional quality

West Coast Nuts

Homemade roasted and candied nuts, using simple and flavourful ingredients, in unique combinations. Made with goodness in Sechelt, BC.

Salt Spring Artisan Vinegars

Our products are made with time, love and the best ingredients we can find (or grow!). They are fruity and bright, and as delicious as they are good for you.

Use them in salad dressings, marinades, as a complement to steamed or roasted vegetables, any time you want to make your dishes stand out!

Monsoon Coast

We are a small company located on beautiful Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. We started over 20 years ago with a vision to make traditional Indian spice mixtures accessible to the western palate. Since then we have followed our taste buds to other parts of the planet: The Levant & Africa, The Far East & Far West. Our fans rave about the ability of our mixtures to transform an everyday meal into a taste sensation. We have many new spices, teas and boxes for you this year!


Circle Canning

Circle Canning is Victoria’s go-to, locally sourced artisan crafter. Paige Robinson has been creating these delicious recipes for over 20 years. Come see what all the fuss is about!