RavenSong Soap

RavenSong Soap is about small batches, created with care using an ancient method that allows me, as the soap maker, to choose each premium natural ingredient to suit skin care benefits and desired scents.

This luxury soap is made entirely by hand in the cold process tradition.

“Made by hand” means hand stirring and blending, pouring, cutting, trimming and wrapping each unique bar.   From formulation to blending to resting and curing, every bar has been through at least a four week process to get to your home.

I believe when you begin with beautiful ingredients such as shea butter and mango butter, olive and almond oil, goats’ milk, yogurt and buttermilk, honey, activated charcoal clays, and essential oils – you can create beautiful soap. This also ensures that RavenSong Soap will be a luxurious way to pamper yourself every day.